Rough Point Shrimp Boat Short Sleeve Tee

$29.99 USD
"Introducing our exclusive Rough Point T-shirt, a tribute to the timeless heritage of Harker's Island and the hidden gem of Rough Point, nestled near Beaufort Inlet, NC. Crafted with care, this shirt captures the essence of coastal living with its captivating depiction of an old Harker's Island skiff gracefully navigating the waters, manned by a solitary figure.

The design pays homage to the rich maritime tradition of our region, where every wave tells a story and every breeze whisper tales of seafaring adventures. Emblazoned with the name 'Rough Point,' it serves as a proud symbol of our roots, reminding wearers of the resilient spirit and deep connection to the sea that define us.

Available in a selection of Comfort Colors, choose from a range of hues that evoke the serene beauty of our coastal landscape. Made with premium quality fabric, this t-shirt ensures both style and comfort, whether you're strolling along the shore or exploring the nooks and crannies of our beloved coastal landscape.

Wear it with pride and carry a piece of Rough Point wherever you go. Let the world know of the hidden treasures that lie within the waters of Beaufort Inlet, waiting to be discovered."

Rough Point Shrimp Boat Short Sleeve Tee
From $29.99 USD