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Dreams Journal

Dreams Journal

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In this beautiful journal, you will find an inviting place to write down your notes, thoughts, dreams, or maybe even your to-do list. The lined pages give you the freedom and space needed to write your heart out as you reflect on Scripture verses printed on each spread.
Throughout this journal (and compiled in the back), you will find the 100 most-referenced, quoted, and memorized Bible promises. These Comfort Promises™ are verses to turn to again and again for encouragement, joy, and strength.

Additionally, you will find a quick reference guide in the back that makes it easy for you to find just the right verses for your immediate need. For times when you need:

  • comfort
  • courage
  • guidance
  • hope
  • rest and renewal

Enjoy your journaling journey as you experience God in an authentic, life-changing way, knowing with full confidence that you are loved and cared for with the greatest capacity ever known to mankind.
Happy journaling!

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