Freixenet Moscato Mia 187 ML

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From the freshly pressed must of Moscato grapes and a small addition of Tempranillo red wine, alcoholic fermentation starts slowly, at controlled temperatures, in stainless steel tanks until 5-5.5% alcohol is reached. The tanks are then hermetically sealed, and a second fermentation - called "prise de mousse" - is started at a lower temperature. When the alcohol reaches 7%, we stop the fermentation by reducing the temperature to 30F. The wine is then filtered to remove any remaining yeasts and transferred to a sealed, controlled temperature tank and prepared for bottling.
Mia Sparkling Moscato combines freshness and body to produce an inviting and elegant wine. It has a delightful fruity aroma with hints of floral notes. The balance of sweetness and acidity creates a delicious, bubbly finish.


Freixenet Moscato Mia 187 ML
$5.99 USD$9.00 USD