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50 Devos for Dog Moms

50 Devos for Dog Moms

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Paws for Reflection 50 Devos for Dog Moms
Whether they're curled up at our feet or tearing up a roll of toilet paper when our backs are turned, dogs are a lovely addition to our lives. They have an uncanny sense of dedication and loyalty.
If you've had the joy of knowing and loving a dog, then you already know what a blessing that precious companionship can be. They walk with us through the lowest valleys and bound ahead of us on life's many adventures, hoping we can keep up with them. With their cuddles, kisses, and wide, adoring eyes, they fill a void that humans couldn't possibly fill. They draw us closer to our Creator, the very One who placed that sense of faithfulness inside of them.

Each day features a Scripture verse, devo, and prayer.

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